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Civic Engagement Toolkit – Seven Ways to Help your Neighbor During Coronavirus

3 Key Strategies for Successful Civic Engagement Using Technology

Neighborhood Power: Building Community the Seattle Way, by Jim Diers


Homeless Talk final report link: Homeless Talk, is a collaborative project with Homeless Action to engage the Santa Rosa Community in finding solutions for homelessness in 2017 & 18.  After speaking to approximately 500 people in Santa Rosa in small group discussions, a report was developed.  You can find the report at:

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 Proposal for Healthy Districts

Neighborhood, District Map of Santa Rosa 

Santa Rosa Open Government

           Open Government Report

Open Government Task Force Overview

Original Members

  • Erin Carlstrom, Co-Chair
    City Council Member
  • Robin Swinth, Co-Chair
    Vice Mayor
  • Tony Alvernaz
    Community Member
  • Dee Dee Bridges
    Community Member
  • Ashle Crocker
    Planning Commissioner
  • Shirleen L. Derezendes-Claiche 
    Community Member
  • Rabbi George Gittleman
    Community Member
  • Bruce Kyse
    Community Member
  • Peter Stanley 
    Planning Commissioner
  • Karen Weeks 
    Community Member

Purpose and Authority

The purpose of this Task Force is to review applicable law, city policy and practice, and related information in order to develop a report that will inform the community about the current status of open and transparent government practice in the City of Santa Rosa; to review the exceptions, limitations and restrictions imposed by State or Federal law or Constitution; and to present options for improvement or additional best practices that the Mayor and City Council may wish to consider.

The Report was presented in Dec. 2014. The City established an Ad Hoc Committee to consider implementation

Copy of report at: published 12/2014

City Council’s Ad Hoc committee (Chris Rogers, John Sawyer, & Ernesto Oliveras) with support from the City Recorder, City Attorney, and the Community Engagement Dept. To follow the Task Force’s open meetings, contact Danielle Gardeno at:

 How to request notification of City Actions

Santa Rosa City Resources for Community Engagement

            Council Members, contact Info, and Link to City Council Agendas

            Department of Comm Engagement